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      1. Technology

        Microneedle Array-Based AdminPen? Liquid Injection Device

        AdminPen? pen-injector device is based on our own patented proprietary microneedle array technology called AdminPatch? microneedle array. A simple low-cost molded plastic part is simply attached on the back surface of the AdminPatch microneedle array to provide a fluidic connection of AdminPen device to an externally connected liquid drug reservoir. AdminPen pen-injector device can be attached to any standard commercially available syringe with a luer-lock connector. The patented AdminPen? device allows more effective and painless delivery of many vaccines (such as Ebola, Flu, and cancer vaccines), including particle-based vaccines, liquid medical drugs, cosmetics, and hair growth supplements uniformly into 1cm2 area of the skin. The microneedle array is formed from a metal film allowing AdminPen to be inexpensively manufactured using scalable mature high-volume, low-cost processes. AdminPen is expected to be classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device with a 510(k) regulatory approval route. Optionally,AdminPen can be made to be compatible with any standard commercially available pen with a pre-filled drug cartridge.

        AdminPen 600 Microneedle Liquid Injection Device

        Competitive Advantages of AdminPen

        • Convex microneedle array for reliable uniform insertion into flexible skin.
        • Painless substitute for a needle.
        • Simple and intuitive operation.
        • Any liquid formulations can be delivered.
        • Biocompatible medical-grade materials.
        • Uniform injection into 1 cm2 area of skin.
        • Improves vaccine efficacy by delivering vaccine intradermally into 1 cm2 skin area to a large number of Langerhans cells.
        • Compatible with a standard syringe.
        • Eliminates sharps hazards.
        • Low-cost high-speed manufacturing.
        • Proprietary, scalable delivery of vaccines, injectable pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
        • Delivery of nanoparticle-based medicines.
        • 510(k) regulatory approval route.
        • 3 Patents Granted, 2 Patents Pending.
        • Generates revenues from microneedle products sold for research use.

        We are the only company capable of producing convex microneedle arrays required for reliable insertion of all microneedles into flexible skin and to deliver the already approved vaccines and drugs. The patented painless AdminPen device is an unique and superior device allowing effective delivery of all vaccines, including particle-based and DNA vaccines, liquid drugs, or injectable cosmetics uniformly into 1 cm2 area of the skin and can be inexpensively manufactured using mature high-volume, low-cost processes, and follows the 510(k) regulatory approval route.

        The painless AdminPen device combines effective delivery of drugs through the skin with excellent skin sensation and cosmetics, is easy and intuitive to use by patients and medical personnel alike, and can be economically produced toscale using mature high-volume low-cost processes.  The Company’s strategy of applying the AdminPen tip to the existing already-approved drugs allows the Company to avoid both the costs and time spent on drug discovery and the risks of bringing a new compound to the market as well as provides it with a significant pipeline of potential products based on existing already-approved drugs.

        Click the following link to purchase AdminPen Microneedle Devicess:

        AdminStamp Devices

        AdminStamp DevicesAdminStamp devices contain AdminPatch? Microneedle Arrays attached to an applicator with six low-profile stainless steel screws. AdminStamp Microneedle Array Devices are autoclavable and are fully compatible with all sterilization methods (autoclave, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma, E-Beam, etc.). The microneedle array could be replaced with any other AdminPatch microneedle array using a T-1 star precision torx driver. AdminStamp devices allow improving absorption of topical formulations such as Rogaine.

        AdminStamp 900 Microneedle Array Device

        Click the following link to purchase AdminStamp Microneedle Devicess:

        AdminPatch? Microneedle Array is Refined Microneedle Technology

        We have developed the patented Advanced micro-needle array (AdminPatch? Array) which is superior to other various microneedle technologies.

        AdminPatch? 777 Microneedle Array

        AdminPatch? Microneedle Arrays are used for wearable AdminSensor devices which penetrate from 300 to 1,500 μm under the skin surface, allowing very accurate Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) spectroscopic measurements of various human intradermal components such as glucose, cardiac biomarkers, early cancer detection, C-reactive protein, and alcohol. The AdminSensor microneedle array products can be used with various commercially available SERS devices and enable creating accurate wearable intradermal SERS biosensors for smart watches and phones.

        AdminPatch? Microneedle Arrays are also easily combined with Drug-in-Adhesive transdermal patches. The AdminPatch? array painlessly and instantaneously forms hundreds of tiny aqueous channels (‘micropores’) through the stratum corneum and epidermis, the outer resistive surface layers of the skin. Numerous drugs including proteins and water-soluble molecules can enter the body through these aqueous micropores for either local effect, or by entering the circulation, for systemic effect. The created aqueous channels stay constantly open while AdminPatch? array is applied on the skin and, therefore, enable the rapid, sustained, and efficient delivery of drugs through these aqueous channels formed in the skin surface. When the microneedle array is removed from the skin, the micropores simply collapse and the skin barrier is quickly restored.

        The aqueous channels formed by the microneedles in the stratum corneum using the AdminPatch? 300 and 600 systems have a depth of about 150-500 microns, sufficient to extend through the viable epidermis but shallow enough to avoid blood capillaries located deeper the dermis and any pain receptors. Longer microneedle arrays are also available for purchase.

        When the transdermal patch with microneedles is removed from the skin, the micropores simply collapse and the skin barrier is quickly restored. The painless AdminPatch? system combines effective delivery of drugs through the skin with excellent skin sensation and cosmetics, is easy and intuitive to use by patients and medical personnel alike, and can be economically produced to scale using mature high-volume low-cost processes.

        Click the following link to purchase AdminPatch Microneedle Arrays:

        Please feel free to contact us for more information:

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